Local government, planning and environment

The knowledge and discipline of local government and town planning law has become a prerequisite today to enable property transactions and developments to proceed.

As a result of our experience in property and community development, CSG Law has developed extensive expertise in this area including re-zonings, dealing with Government at all levels and Appeals to the Planning and Environment Court.

With the increasing worldwide concern at the ecological, social and economic impacts of development, a corresponding increase in Government environmental controls has, and is, constantly evolving.


As Queensland’s population continues to develop, the need to offer services and community facilities also expands. Such expansion makes it critical for the State to have the authority to acquire land for public purposes in order to meet community needs in matters such as schools and hospitals.

At CSG Law we offer professional service for compulsory acquisition claims. We will work closely with your other professional consultants and assist you to maximise your claim for compensation.

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