Getting the best for your Leasing matters

The entering into of a Lease as a Landlord or Tenant is an important and sometimes complex requirement for leasing or acquiring a Business premises.

CSG Law handles any leasing matter, ranging from single unit leasing to major commercial transactions.

We are able to prepare, peruse, review and advise both Landlord and Tenant in relation to Disclosure documents, Agreement for Lease, provide comprehensive advice regarding the provisions of the Retail Leases Act.

CSG Law provides specialist legal advice and acts in all property areas encompassing:

  • Residential Property and Residential Subdivisions
  • Building Units
  • Strata title or Group Title
  • Commercial Property, Retail and Residential Developments, Mixed use Developments, Resorts
  • Rural and Leasehold Land
  • Leasing for both Landlords and Tenant of Commercial and Industrial Complexes
  • Group Title, Community Management and Mixed Use Development Structuring and Ongoing Operation

CSG Law works with you to provide the level of assistance that is cost effective for you and our expertise and advice results in a more valuable Lease for our clients.


Fact Sheet – Leasing Premises for a Business

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