Estate Administration & Planning

At CSG Law we have an experienced team to support you with your Wills, Powers of Attorney and Estate Administration. Our team will work with you and evaluate relevant issues and inform you of the legal options available to you.


Making your Will – why is it so important?

Making a Will is essential to ensure that your property is distributed according to your wishes and to avoid or reduce conflict amongst heirs.

If you are over the age of 18, we can assist you in preparing your Will. We can customize your wishes to any level required.

It is good practice to review your Will every few years or whenever there is a change in your finances, family situation or even a change in the State or Federal laws concerning wills and estate taxes.

We also offer:


At CSG Law we assist our clients by managing the administration of an estate of a deceased person in an efficient, professional and caring manner.

Our solicitors provide specialised legal advice in relation to a deceased’s business associations, partnership interests, family discretionary trusts and private companies.

Our specialised services in Estates and Estate Planning cover:

  • Deceased Estate Administration
  • Estate Dispute Resolution and Litigation


A Power of Attorney will ensure that if you are temporarily or permanently unable to manage your financial affairs then your nominated ‘Attorney’ can perform these functions for you.

A Power of Attorney enables your dealings to be managed by a person of your choice when you are unable to conduct them personally. This can be if you are ill, travelling overseas or become mentally incapacitated. The role of your Attorney is quite flexible and may be used for almost any purpose such as authorising to collect debts, vote at meetings, operate a bank account or to carry out any other role which can be legally assigned.

We will work with you to ensure your interests are protected.

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