CSG History

Founder of the firm was James Malcolm Stafford, who commenced practice at Maryborough in 1885.  The firm name was J.M. STAFFORD. Early in 1900 Hubert Ernest Harrington entered into partnership with Mr. Stafford under the firm name of STAFFORD & HARRINGTON.

Mr. Stafford died on the 4th April, 1900.

Later that year Henry Corser joined the firm and the name changed to STAFFORD CORSER & HARRINGTON. Mr. Corser had been practising at Maryborough on his own account for some years (see Law Almanacs 1895 and 1899) and in partnership with William John McGrath under the firm name of CORSER & McGRATH.

In 1907 Charles Frederick Sheldon was admitted to the partnership when the name changed to CORSER SHELDON & HARRINGTON. Mr. Sheldon had previously practised at Charleville in partnership with John Francis Lockett under the firm name of Lockett & Sheldon (see Law Almanac 1895), and at Maryborough in partnership with William John McGrath under the firm name of McGrath & Sheldon (see Law Almanac 1899).

All papers belonging to McGrath & Sheldon were brought into the firm by Mr. Sheldon and are still held by the firm. Apparently about 1900 the partnership of McGrath & Sheldon dissolved but Mr. Sheldon carried on the practice under the firm name and Mr. McGrath practised at Brisbane in partnership with Patrick Joseph O’Neill under the firm name of McGrath & O’Neill (see Law Almanac 1900) and later with Thomas Brown Hunter under the firm name of McGrath & Hunter (see Law Almanac 1908).

In 1918 Mr. Harrington retired from the firm which was then carried on as CORSER & SHELDON. Mr. Harrington was admitted to the Bar on 13th February 1923. In 1919 Mr. Corser retired and Mr. Sheldon carried on practising under the firm name.

In 1920 Clement Grigor Gordon joined the firm and the name was changed to CORSER SHELDON & GORDON. On 2nd January 1930 Geoffrey William Sheldon, a son of Charles Frederick Sheldon, joined the firm but the name of the firm was not altered. On 1st August 1930 Mr. Gordon died and Mr. C.F. Sheldon and Mr. G.W. Sheldon continued in partnership under the firm name. On 5th June 1942 Mr. C.F. Sheldon died and Mr. G.W. Sheldon continued to practise under the name of CORSER SHELDON & GORDON.

John Barry Sheldon commenced Articles of Clerkship with his father on 24th April 1958 and entered into partnership with his father Geoffrey William Sheldon on 1st July 1964.

A visiting office was conducted in Hervey Bay during the 1970s when Mr. G.W. Sheldon attended at the CWA Hall in Torquay Road, Pialba on a weekly basis. The firm opened a full time practice in Hervey Bay in 1979 from premises in Watson Street, Pialba and the Hervey Bay Practice was moved to 5 Torquay Road, Pialba in 1980.

In January 1974 Gregory Drew Boyle commenced Articles of Clerkship with Mr. J.B. Sheldon. On 1st July 1974 Astor William Vincent Zemek joined the partnership. On 24th April 1980 Mr. G.W. Sheldon died and Mr. J.B. Sheldon and Mr. A.W.V. Zemek continued the partnership until 1st October 1980 when Kerry Gordon McBride and Gregory Drew Boyle were admitted as partners.

On 1st July 1990 Timothy John McQuaid was admitted as a partner and continues to practise at our Hervey Bay office.

On 28th February 2000 Mr. Kerry McBride retired from the partnership and on 30th November 2001 Mr. Astor Zemek also retired from the partnership.

On 1st July 2004 Mr. Barry Sheldon retired from the partnership and became a Consultant to the firm. The firm name of CORSER, SHELDON & GORDON remains unchanged. On the same date Barry’s daughter, Dr. Sally Anne Sheldon, an Associate Lecturer in Law at the Queensland University of Technology, also became a Consultant to the firm.

The firm has carried on business in the same premises at 211 Bazaar Street, Maryborough since 1885.

On 1st July 2004 the continuing Partners of the firm dedicated the building with the name “Sheldon Chambers” in honour of the Sheldon family.

On the 1st October 2010 CSG Law celebrated their 125th anniversary of practicing on the Fraser Coast.  To celebrate this milestone the Partners re-branded with a fresh new image to CSG Law.

CSG Law celebrates 130 years of practice on the Fraser Coast on 1st October 2015.

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